Multi-site legal firm makes successful move to voice over internet (VoIP) phone system

Posted by: Jo Love
Category: News

Lightfoots Solicitors were adding a 3rd office to their firm and their existing sites had outdated phone systems and lines. They have 110 members of staff.


GHM installed a local VoIP server based Unify system serving all three sites that enables all 110 users to operate on a single system.

Key employees have audio conference and collaboration facilities integrated within Outlook to enhance both internal and client facing communications.

All calls are recorded locally in a PCI compliant format. Disaster recovery and business continuity was greatly enhanced.

The whole solution was provided within existing expenditure levels.

“It has been a pleasure dealing with GHM from start to finish. Logistically our install was challenging, as it coincided with us taking an additional office and migrating staff between our 3 offices. It was also our first step into the world of voice over internet. Impressively from the moment GHM promised something would be done, they would deliver; acting as a true partner to our business from day one and working with my teams to deliver the project on time and on budget. Thank you GHM!”
Ian Norman, Partner, Lightfoots Solicitors