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Posted by: Jo Love
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On average, it takes a hacker 2 seconds to crack a password with 11 characters. Here’s an update to help your team to create strong passwords and stay protected.


Don’t use personal phrases


Don’t use personal information like birthdays, place of birth, pets name or anything related to the business as a password. This information can be easy to find if the hacker has researched the individual online. 


Change your password often


Create unique passwords and change them often. Don’t be one of the 53% of people who reuse the same password for multiple accounts. Do change joint account passwords if a team member leaves the business.


Use a password manager


Use a password manager to help organise and manage all your passwords. 


Remember to read reviews of any app you download and ensure the site is official.  


Use a passphrase


Try using passphrases (12 or more characters) instead of passwords to increase the security of accounts. 


For example, Pepperoni Pizza could be changed to PePiisThBe i.e. the first two letters of  ‘Pepperoni Pizza is the best’.


To discuss how GHM can ensure your business is safe with a process for strong passwords, call our IT Support team on 01865 367111 to arrange an audit.  


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