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GHMs Managed Firewall provides comprehensive next-generation firewall protection that exposes hidden risks, blocks unknown threats, and automatically responds to incidents.

Firewall architecture delivers unprecedented levels of visibility and performance efficiency. It removes blind spots by decrypting traffic without degrading business performance, giving users complete confidence.

The management and reporting are all managed through an ultimate cloud-management platform. Thus making day-to-day setup, monitoring, management and reporting Firewall extremely easy.


Benefit from:

Exposes Hidden Risks

We provide superior visibility into risky activity, suspicious and encrypted traffic, and advance traffic.

Blocks Unknown Threats

Our latest technology protects networks from ransomware, unknown and advanced threats.

Automatically Responds

It is the only network solution that can identify the source of an infection on the network.

Management & Reporting

The optimum solution provides visibility into all traffic, apps and threats.

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