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Apprenticeship Week: View from a GHM Mentor

Posted by: Jo Love
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Pete Jeffery is a Project Engineer at GHM, but also a valued mentor to our apprentices. Here he shares his joy of training them and watching their confidence and development grow.

Pete oversees the development and transition of apprentices at GHM. He says, ‘Typically most apprentices are new to the working environment so they can be fairly quiet and unsure or the exact opposite, full of enthusiasm and absolutely loving their new place of work’. Either way, Pete finds it enjoyable and rewarding to see both types develop into what often turns out to be exceptional employees.

Throughout his career, Pete has mentored a range of apprentices. From nervous 16-year-olds fresh out of school who go on to become extremely competent and knowledgeable, to a middle-aged apprentice who was only 2-years younger than him!

And even if not all of our apprentices have stayed with the company, it still gives him a great sense of pride if they go on different paths and do great work in new careers. We know this is why Pete makes a great mentor to our apprentices.

Pete is currently mentoring our apprentice Mike, and the first word that comes to his mind is ‘flourishing’. He says, ‘Mike joined knowing very little about IT and is now very confident in the knowledge he’s accrued’.

You can listen to our podcast featuring Mike and his apprenticeship here.

He added: ‘Mike’s fitted into the office environment and team so well. His demeanour and manner are excellent, along with his willingness to work hard and take on any job and request.’ In fact he’s so impressed with Mike, he nominated him for the GHM Employee of the Year.

To find out about apprentice opportunities with GHM, get in touch with our HR Manager on 01865 367111.

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