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Case study: Wellers


Wellers is an established accountancy firm, with four UK offices. They are relationship-driven and place a unique approach to service delivery. How they communicate with customers is always an essential factor in delivering the right system.

The Solution

Since the pandemic, Wellers have put considerable time and effort into supporting home-working efficiency. Having invested in Office 365, they were looking to leverage the tools available to allow remote telephony functionality. The business decided that using MS Teams with GHM’s cloud-hosted solution provided them with the right mix of features and guaranteed reliability.

The Product

GHM cloud telephony sits in line with Microsoft Teams with no on-premises core hardware required. It offers class-leading hosted telephony, with its full-set of enterprise telephony features while allowing the end-user to use the Microsoft Teams UI without sacrificing essential standard telephony features (Call handling, CRM Integrations). Included in the solution is all licencing, installation, free local and mobile calls. Wellers also have support, maintenance, and all future software upgrades with GHM, allowing them Wellers to have fixed predictable cost as the business evolves.

The Benefits

These are the main benefits Wellers are receiving from GHM: –

  • Quick and easy to set up call groups, ensuring the business continues to deliver excellent customer service.
  • Mobile phone applications.
  • Options to add additional users quickly.
  • The FREE UK calls package, including mobile 07 calls of up to 2000 minutes per month.
  • Professional auto attendant and voice mail is set-up for every user.
  • Continued support from GHM Support Desk. For fixing faults as well as assistance on setting up apps, reporting functions and call recording etc.


Customer Feedback

“The solution installed by GHM Communications has delivered real tangible benefits to Wellers. We now can work from any location using a single sign on. We can quickly see any users’ availability at any time at any location. The solution integrates with our internal CRM system allowing staff to deal with clients more efficiently and book associated time to accounts. The savings and efficiencies have been significant.”

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