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Celebrating 10 years service with David Billington

Posted by: Jo Love
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David Billington, our Head of the Support Desk, is celebrating 10 years service with GHM! Join us in recognising his decade-long commitment as we delve a bit deeper into his work, family life and hidden talents!

David takes immense pride in his time at GHM and is a huge contributor to the great culture within the team. Drawing from his experience as a footballer, he understands that for a team to succeed, it requires hard work, passion, togetherness, and strong communication. He believes these qualities enhance our work life and make us better people.

He’s passionate about everything GHM, in particular the relationships he has built with colleagues, partners and customers over the years. Everyone he works with and supports will know he treats everyone equally and always makes time for people. A GHM gathering wouldn’t be the same without his presence!

As Support Desk Manager, his message to our customers is clear: “We are fully committed to partnering with you to efficiently resolve any issues you may encounter.”

He firmly believes that effective communication is the cornerstone of this commitment.

Beyond his role at GHM, David’s a devoted family man. He’s lived in South Wales with his wife Catrin for 9 years. They are now proud parents to two energetic boys, Max (aged 10) and Flynn (aged 7). David’s mother, Libby, also lives nearby, and the family enjoys nothing more than a trip to the beach together.

Another source of pride for David is his involvement in coaching the local under-8 football team, Bancffosfelen FC. Although, older son Max did require a small incentive of £5 per session and a role as assistant coach to pull him away from the Xbox!

He’d also like us to mention that he is now a keen cook. Prior to lockdown all he could make was pasta, but these days he’s a budding Gordon Ramsey in the kitchen!

Finally, David’s creative side shines through in his poetry. To celebrate his 10th anniversary, he penned a poem (previously shared with the team), which we believe deserved a wider audience so enjoy reading ‘An Ode to GHM’ below.

Thank you for your outstanding contribution and dedication to GHM over the years David. We’re lucky to have you.

An Ode to GHM

It all began in 2005

With Gerry and Neil, the team

I’m sure there were rows and dummies spat out

But they were determined to follow their dream


Along came Si the following year

With a wealth of experience and tact

It was gathering speed planting the seed

With Eddies the big contract


Next came Shelley, Aidan not long after

The business was moving at pace

Shelley on accounts, ensuring cheques don’t bounce

And Aidan upping the knowledge base


Bernie on a mission putting HR in position

Setting up the regs and rules

Everybody dizzy being so busy

Anything to keep Neil off the tools


Can’t forget Clarky, full of wit and very sarky

Who thrived on all things analogue

He was no way a fool, with a krone tool

Just don’t let him near the bog


Marty, Marty, where do I begin

He taught me everything I know

We’ve had laughs over the years and plenty of beers

And those lugs continue to grow


It’s been growing and growing, year on year

The customer base now large

Could have fit into a canoe, but the more we accrue

We’ll need a bloody barge


I’ll sign off now with a bit of a toast

And raise this bottle of beer

To everyone involved at GHM

I wish you all a fantastic year

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