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Cyber Attacks on the rise

Posted by: Jo Love
Category: IT Managed Services, News, Oxfordshire telecoms

As quickly as we write blogs here at GHM, there are reports of another cyber-attack or scam hitting businesses and employees. And far from targeting large organisations in other countries, they are happening right here in Oxfordshire to SMEs.

Ransomware attacks are malicious computer viruses that threaten to destroy files and reputation. Last week the world’s largest meat processing company paid the equivalent of $11 m (£7.8m) in ransom to end a cyber-attack. It was a difficult decision for the company but due to the sophistication of the attack, they were forced into paying it.

Another circulating scam is via the popular messaging app WhatsApp. This hijack scam is a classic example of SMS phishing, where cybercriminals send text messages designed to steal the users personal or financial information. They trick users into downloading malware or fill out a malicious form. The aim is for users to send money by impersonating a legitimate brand and contact. Look out for any SMS messages with a six-digit code not requested and subsequently followed by a WhatsApp message from a known contact asking for a screenshot of the code.     

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