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Digital Workplaces. People Power!

Posted by: Jo Love
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As the number of people working digitally rises, some companies will begin to question whether it is easier or harder to change business culture in a remote environment. However, empowering people can ensure the digital transformation is more about teams than technology.  

Productive Teams

As companies move away from traditional offices, some question whether office connections are suffering. While the digital transformation aims to allow people to connect, companies should ensure employees feel they belong, with a shared purpose and pride. As teams move forward, there needs to be a uniqueness of what they provide with gratitude. Using these will ensure stronger connections in a digital environment.

Breakdown the Boundaries

Sometimes an employee with a specific function can become closed out of anything outside of their task. This can lead to isolation or creating unnecessary animosity with people from other departments. Most agree that successful digital transformations require teams to break down boundaries. In remote settings with little or no interactions, that can be tricky. To break down boundaries, employees should understand and have empathy for each other. 

It can be difficult trying to mimic daily office interactions in virtual life. At GHM, we ensure that all of our team are involved in our weekly business catch ups. Each week we ‘spin the wheel’ so every employee has the chance to present, working with teams across the business.  

Customer Experience

In a digitally changing workplace, understanding customer needs can be challenging. It is good to remember that even at the beginning of a journey, there is no limit to the amount of data collected in the cloud. The insights from this data will help to build a better customer experience.  

GHM recently set up IT Managed Services. Calum, Head of Managed Services successfully managed to bring together our product quickly – it was testing but achieved digitally with team members and customers he had never met in person.


Training opportunities provide employees will the knowledge they need to move forward. There is no reason why upskilling cannot continue in a digital world.

GHM understands that moving to remote working does not need to hinder digital transformation. By improving culture through technological changes, it ensures every team member is engaged. 

Companies that take advantage of the current remote environment have the most opportunity to succeed, building a base to create an atmosphere that both workers and customers will appreciate. 


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