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GHM showcase the World Cup technology being used

Posted by: Jo Love
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As the World Cup in Qatar kicks off, we thought we’d highlight some of the technology that’s definitely worthy of a half time conversation!


Introducing Al Rihla 


The tournament will see the introduction of a revolutionary world cup ball. The ball contains the inertial measurement unit (IMU) sensor that can detect tight offside incidents.    


Stadium Cooling Technology


Did you know temperatures in the Gulf could reach around 26 degrees Celsius? New technology is in place to bring down the temperature. The innovative cooling system will use a combination of insulation and targeted cooling. 


NEW FIFA Player App


Could technology be leading the way in improving performance? The proof will be on the pitch but off the pitch, each player can access their player-performance data shortly after each match for the first time.


Assistive Technology: Bonocle and Feelix Palm


A big thumbs up for these advancements which makes the game more inclusive and accessible. Bonocle is the first Braille entertainment platform with assistive technology for the visually impaired to access digital content. Feelix Palm is another technology that uses electric impulses through tactile palm communicators to transmit braille-like messages to the visually impaired without restricting their physical movement or hearing.


Keeping the event Sustainable


Visitors can take a breather underneath an ElPalm – a wind turbine with solar panels offering shade and access to USB charging docks and Wi-Fi. 


Good luck to our home nations taking part!

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