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GHM through the eyes of a nine-year old

Posted by: Jo Love
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The alarm goes off, we pack our kids off to school and get on with the day job! But what do the kids think we do at GHM Communications? We thought we would share this fun article by James, the 9-year-old son of Managing Director Neil.

What Daddy does for a living

Q What is Dad’s job?

A IT, Wifi and telephone systems.

Q What does Dad do at work all day?

A Talks a lot. He does IT and discusses what the business must do.

Q What does Dad’s company do?

A IT and telephones and sell and support products .

Q What does GHM stand for?

A Great. Hungry for business. Man they are good.

Q When did Dad start doing his job?

A 1987, it was a long time ago.

Q What is IT?

A Computers, internet, wifi.

Q What is a telephone system?

A Programming of a phone.

Q What was the world like before the internet?

A Boring there is no way to search or watch YouTube.

Q What’s an IP address?

A It helps find computers find their way home.

Q Firewalls sound scary, what do they do?

A Protect computers from fire.


Tell us about you

Q Three words to describe you?

A Fun, good and determined

Q What do you want to be when you grow up and why?

A I want to be a football legend because I love the sport and I would be a goalkeeper.

Q Do you play sport?

A Football

Q What makes a good team?

A Determined and fun, working together.

Q Other than sport where else do you find teams?

A A business

Q Do things get done better on your own or working together?

A Working together because there are more people to support you and help you if you need it.

Q Words to help you achieve something?

A Keep your mind to it, never give up, be a good sport.

Q What are you most proud of?

A My football skills.

Q What makes a good day?

A Winning something or achieving something.

Q What was your best day?

A When England got to the finals of the Euros


Thank you James! We can learn so much from your positive outlook on life. We hope you will let us interview you again in the future to share more knowledge with us. Good luck with the football!

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