How Wireless Technologies can increase revenue for businesses

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We have always preached about the importance of having the right WiFI system in the workplace – the metaphorical coat stand if you like, that many other brilliant technologies can ‘hang’ off. And of course we believe our business WiFi solutions are the best out there. This article in Small Business Trends highlights just some of the ways businesses can benefit from WiFi in the workplace:

Business processes have changed dramatically over the years. Owing to the evolution of technology and changing customer expectations, businesses have devised and revised strategies to meet the requirements.

Nowadays, businesses are equipped with the best technologies to make the processes smoother and easier. Emerging technologies are substantially altering the business and social environment. Wireless technology has become a crucial component of today’s workplaces.

Advances in wireless technologies have provided a variety of opportunities for businesses to extend their sales channels and generate more revenue.

Let’s take a look at the impacts of the wireless technology on businesses.

Wireless Technology in the Workplace

Powers the Concept of a Mobile Workforce

One of the biggest advantages of wireless networks is its ability to fuel increased mobility in businesses. With a workplace equipped with wireless LAN connectivity, employees can move around the office space without any restrictions arising from cables. Wireless network allows access to all applications and documents on your network from anywhere inside the building within the range of the wireless network signal.

Employees can collaborate and share information with team members easily. A wireless network also provides improved access to information from the servers. It also enables quick updates from anywhere inside the premises.

If your office space is based out of an apartment, you can sign up for apartment WiFi to make the most of the network.

Fuels Prompt Responsiveness

It isn’t surprising that 84 percent of customers get frustrated when the agent does not have information regarding their queries. This negative impression creates more ripples than you thought. 13 percent of the above-mentioned number tell 15 or more people about their bad experience with a company. Word-of-mouth is quite powerful and it spreads quickly. As a result, it can affect a business adversely if the feedback is negative. This is where wireless network becomes relevant.

A wireless network makes information readily available to the employees. Such lightning-fast access to data allows the customer service team to respond to clients’ requirements quickly. Therefore, regardless of where the employee is within the wireless network’s reach, a properly working wireless network will always connect him/her to the data s/he needs to make the customer experience satisfactory.

Free WiFi for Customers

Nowadays, people have become increasingly tech-savvy. In fact, it has been estimated that 63.4 percent of mobile phone users will access online content through their devices by 2017. People expect to be connected to the Internet on the go. Therefore, offering free WiFi to the clients who visit your business premises will unlock a plethora of opportunities for your business.

As many as 62 percent of business owners have said that customers spend more time in their business facility if free WiFi is offered. The businesses that offered free WiFi to customers reported a success rate of 72 percent regarding improved sales.

In addition to that, offering free WiFi to customers enables businesses to accumulate customer data and target ads and promotional offers based on their preferences. With the rising demand for personalization, this can help you stay ahead of your competition.

Improves Productivity

Wireless technology allows staff to share and access information on the go. Employees can collaborate from anywhere and at any time. As a result, it accelerates the working process and brings in enough freedom to business operations.

In addition to that, wireless technology facilitates the implementation of the BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) trend at the workplace. This improves flexibility in the workplace and provides employee satisfaction. In a survey conducted on 1500 job seekers, 20 percent said that they would take a cut in pay in exchange for a more flexible work option.

Additionally, BYOD powered by the wireless technology reduces the operating expenses for companies since entrepreneurs do not have to invest in equipment for their businesses.

Makes Network Expansion Easy

Wireless technology allows entrepreneurs to grow their businesses without any hassles. Owing to the flexibility of the wireless network, users can be added easily. Therefore, office restructuring, shifts or expansion can be managed easily. A workplace equipped with wireless technology and mobile devices will make it easier for reconfiguration requirements. Additionally, the cost for shifting and replacing cables is eliminated.

The wireless technology makes business operations simpler and improves productivity considerably. That being said, it is important to track the results and make changes accordingly to ensure successful integration.

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