How to choose the best phone system for your business

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Every business is unique and individual, so when it comes to choosing a phone system that suits your business it can be somewhat of a minefield with the vast array of options out there. If your phone system is getting a little dated, can’t support your company’s growth or isn’t keeping up with the changing needs of your staff, here’s how to choose the right phone system for your business and how to make your upgrade go smoothly.

  1. What do you want to achieve?

Choosing the right phone system for your business means not only understanding your current needs but how these might change in the future. Focusing on your business strategy will help you decide what you want to achieve from a new telephone system. Here are a few questions you might want to consider:

Do you want to improve communications with your clients?

Are you looking to improve staff productivity?

Do you want to track and monitor calls?

What is your current call volume and will this change in the future?

Do you want to replace your entire communications system or only part of it?

Do you want to cut costs?

Your business drivers will depend on your industry; a school will have different objectives to a charity, and the public sector will have different goals to GP surgeries. It is important to choose the right phone system to use now and that your business will grow into.

  1. Choosing the right supplier

A telephone system is a fundamental asset to your business and is often the first point of contact clients have with you, so you need to make a good impression. Choosing a supplier that will deliver a complete communications system tailored to your business is essential in delivering an efficient telephone system that will save both time and money.

At GHM Communications we match our client’s needs to our telephony solutions and fully deliver to expectations. Our Samsung telephone systems enable us to supply and install premium communications solutions to suit any business.

  1. New technology

Deciding to install a new business telephone system is both an investment and a commitment. With the latest technology and features available you need to ensure you purchase a system that fully meets your needs and that will benefit your business.

Samsung OfficeServ is everything a business needs in a telephone system. Easy to use and simple to set up Samsung OfficeServ delivers a fast, efficient solution and allows businesses to provide a professional service.  Designed to deliver advanced voice, data and wireless communications in a single IP platform, these systems adapt to the changing communications environment and are compatible with analogue, digital or SIP trunks.

  1. Bundled packages

When looking for a new business telephone system a bundled package from one supplier can be the most cost-effective. By combining your phone lines, broadband, voicemail and other services such as touch screen sign in for GP surgeries, means you only have one bill to think about and one point of call for all your systems. Having to deal with one supplier will result in a professional service and better customer support.

  1. Smooth upgrade

A phone system is one of the most important tools for communicating with your customers, and how much administration your installation requires will depend on your telephony solution. Your supplier should provide comprehensive training to ensure you fully understand how the system works and that your business is presented in a professional manor.

Your chosen supplier will be experienced in installing their systems and will provide guidance in planning your installation with minimum downtime and disruption.

If you are looking for a new phone system for your business contact GHM Communications to see how we can help. We’re based in Oxford and install leading WiFi and business telecommunications solutions throughout the UK.

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