How to divert your phone lines for remote working

Posted by: Jo Love
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Cloud Hosted?

If you have a cloud hosted system you are good to go! Remote working will be straight forward, as calls can be picked up on a mobile or desktop app anywhere. These are free of charge for all our customers with CallSwitch. For businesses with a traditional system, while calls can be forwarded to a mobile device, it won’t be the most efficient way to work if you have multiple lines. For these businesses we would recommend the following: –

Is your System IP Enabled?

GHM can apply either Mobile or PC based SIP client licence allowing staff to work from remote destinations, this will ensure that customers can easily reach the business, ensuring they achieve ‘a business as usual approach’.

Do you have SIP Trunks or Inbound services?

If you have SIP Trunks or MYinbound services, GHM can place network level diverts and apply basic call queuing so that you never miss a call.

Temporary Cloud System

We are assisting many businesses with a temporarily cloud system so they can stay connected with customers. While normally there are stricter terms and conditions to set-up, considering the current outlook, we can set up temporary licences. As mentioned above, they work on a mobile or desktop app.

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