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Is changing IT Support provider worth the hassle?

Posted by: Jo Love
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Jordan Cruikshank

By Jordan Cruickshank

Business Development Manager

At GHM, we understand the concerns businesses face when changing providers. There is often the perception that it’s a lot of hassle with an element of risk involved.

But if your current IT Support provider isn’t meeting your needs, it really could be time to review your requirements and start the transition. Here’s a bit more about our onboarding process and how myself and my colleagues manage the process for our customers. Hopefully it might alleviate any concerns you might be having.

As an active partner, GHM will ensure a smooth transition, keeping downtime to an absolute minimum. Once the onboarding process has begun, we will be sure to inform your team of any password changes, ensure all data is always backed up in advance and advise of any weaknesses or vulnerabilities within your existing IT infrastructure. GHM will also answer any questions you might have during the transition period as both teams get to know each other.

For all our customers, we understand one size does not fit all. It’s counterproductive to work with an IT Support provider who has not taken the time to understand your business model, processes and objectives. GHM has the knowledge and expertise to provide tailored strategies. We look at the current needs of each business along with future business objectives as we can usually make savings in the long run too. This ensures we provide the right solutions, both short term and long term, mitigate any impact if a fault occurs and ensuring all our customers are on track for a return on their investment.

So, swapping IT Support providers really can go smoothly. Many of our customers are amazed at how smoothly in fact. They wish they had done is sooner. It is worth the hassle. We are all working in a fast-paced technological world, so if your current provider can’t keep up, it’s time to change.

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