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IT mistakes made by SMEs

Posted by: Jo Love
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Most SMEs don’t have the luxury of an IT department to look after their infrastructure, often treating their IT systems as an afterthought which could be a costly mistake. It is not just the failures, inefficient software, slow systems, or security issues that can also be time-consuming. The overall cost of dealing with such issues can outweigh the costs of proactive care.

Here are just some of the most common mistakes many SMEs make when it comes to their IT:

Inadequate Technical Support – For SMEs, it doesn’t make financial sense to have their own in-house IT team. The biggest challenge is then the lack of technical support – often this routinely falls to the most tech-savvy staff member. The solution becomes less feasible when the business grows.

Not Upgrading Technology – While buying older hardware and software can seem like the cheapest option, in the long-term it can end up costing more as older technology has a shorter shelf life, and businesses are likely to run into issues.

Lack of Security – Unfortunately you don’t need to be a large organisation to become a target. Often small businesses don’t take security risks seriously. As a minimum, organisations need anti-virus software, malware protection and a strong firewall.

Back up Strategies – Many businesses fail to back up data. However, losing IT capability, whether a technical, human error or a natural disaster, can have a devastating impact.

Password Sharing – Everything requires a password these days but this leaves many organisations vulnerable, particularly with password sharing and using the same ones. Good password management can significantly reduce the chances of being breached.

Lack of Training – Statistics suggest that employees understand less than 20% of available software features. Often training is ignored due to cost and resources, but training and IT support should always be provided and often there are online tutorials free of charge.

Choosing the Cheapest Option – Everyone wants value for money, but selecting the cheapest support can sometimes waste money. It is wise to have a budget but also investigate inclusions to ensure security is not compromised.

GHM understand that IT infrastructure is fundamental to any successful business. We offer flexible plans to suit your requirements, and all with proactive monitoring and advice. Contact us today on 01865 36711 for further information.

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