Making sure your Wifi connection is secure

Posted by: Jo Love
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If reports from private organizations are to be believed, then more than 822 million digital records were exposed to cyber threats in 2013. The number must have skyrocketed by now. Almost everything that is related to a WiFi network can be compromised, hence if you are connecting to a public WiFi network, it’s essential for you to hide personal information such as date of birth, credit card numbers, phone number, social security number, email address, social media login details, etc.

One surefire way to keep the WiFi network safe is using a static IP address. But it lowers the security as static IP addresses are easy to obtain. The DHCP pool of the network may function as the trojan horse, so turn it off on your router and set a fixed IP address range. Next configure the devices that you want to connect to your WiFi. Your best bet is use a private IP.

Business WiFi security


Our Samsung wireless access points have a built-in security monitoring module offering RF monitoring, which helps you avoid the need of additional sensors for WLAN security (Wireless Intrusion Prevention System – WIPS). Samsung Access Points ensure a secure wireless service across the network, making it ideally suited for business environments that need to protect confidential information.

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