Mobile World Congress…the talk is all about 5G for business telecoms

Posted by: Jo Love
Category: Blog, IP Phone System

At Mobile World Congress (MWC) firms have been showcasing how connected devices powered by 5G could bring exciting new things to their customers.

Whilst some organisations are sceptical about the impact of 5G, tech vendors are saying that 5G will be good for business telecoms.

People already use their smartphones in their work, but with the aid of 5G, the productivity of a mobile device will grow significantly.

Neil McManus of business telecoms specialists in Oxford says: “With 5G potentially allowing much faster download speeds, a smartphone could have the same productivity as a PC.

“The experts are saying that as 5G grows, we’re going to have a technology platform which just becomes part of everything in society. They are comparing it to electricity: you’re just going to assume it’s there, that you’re going to be connected to the internet. And as a result there’s going to be a lot of new applications and services.”

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