Mobiles and data calling key in Deloitte 2016 technology predictions

Posted by: Jo Love
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According to the accountancy firm Deloitte, superfast internet, virtual reality and a more varied use of mobile phones are amongst their predictions for how technology will improve in 2016. Deloitte is predicting more people will be using superfast internet, which is more than 15 times faster than the current speeds used. Deloitte says one quarter of people will not be using their mobile phones to make phone calls, instead they will be using the device as a mobile computer. The accountancy firm also foresees a rise in sales of virtual reality products, with a vast growth forecast for the sector. Head of technology rese arch at Deloitte Paul Lee stresses that although virtual reality is growing rapidly, it is still at its ‘very early stages’. Lee highlights the current average internet speed in the UK of 24 megabits per second. He adds that Deloitte is expecting speeds of one gigabit to be offered over the next five years. Regarding future use of mobile phones, Lee attributes the decline of people making phone calls to the variety of communication methods available via phone devices.

One of the key trends that will affect businesses more is the use of voice services such as Voice over LTE (VoLTE) and / or Voice over WiFi (VoWiFi).

VoWiFi may at first glance appear little different from VoIP, but there are two critical differences:

  • It is a network operator managed and controlled service, which, for users, should mean that the call is less likely to be dropped
  • VoWiFi offers native calling: there is no need to open an app to make or receive calls. A VoIP call can only be received when that specific app is open.

Neil McManus of GHM Communications comments: “Our range of Wifi solutions is ideally positioned to deliver the level of functionality and mobile business telephone systems outlined in Deloitte’s predictions.”

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