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My week at GHM, by work experience student Grace

Posted by: Jo Love
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Last week Didcot Girls student Grace spent her work experience with us. Grace has a keen interest in IT and experienced all aspects of the business, from Sales & Marketing and Support Desk to learning how to programme a phone system! Here is a summary of her week: 

I have really enjoyed my work experience learning about GHM and the various aspects of their business. I have gained a lot from this experience. It has helped me improve several skills, such as communication and confidence.

I spent my first day here talking to different people about their jobs within the business and learning about the two different sides of the company. I found it interesting to learn about what it is like in a workplace. I enjoyed interacting with members of the team at GHM. Over the week, I have spent time with IT support, sales & marketing and GHM Care. I have also completed a training course on the application Callswitch and used excel to complete a data entry for GHM’s new internal database.

What aspect did you enjoy the most?

I have enjoyed the different aspects of GHM and how the care side of the business works. I found it interesting to learn about how GHM care help to improve the communication systems within care homes across the country. I have also enjoyed completing the Callswitch training course on Wednesday and Thursday, where I learnt how to program a phone system and use the application. It expanded my knowledge of telephone systems and how they are set up and used within a workplace.

Were there any challenges?

One of the challenges I have faced this week was on the Callswitch training course. At first, I found it difficult to understand how it worked, but by the end, I had learned how to set up a telephone system and understood how the Callswitch application worked.

Was the office environment as you expected?

Before my work experience here, I did not know what an office environment was like and what to expect. I liked the welcoming atmosphere and the friendly environment created by everyone at GHM. I also liked being able to talk to lots of people about what they do at GHM.

How has your week at GHM assisted you in your future career plans?

My work experience here at GHM has helped me understand what it is like in a workplace and expanded my knowledge of communications and IT support. I have learnt a lot about how telephone systems work, and the different types of communication used in businesses. I am interested in computer science and IT, so GHM has helped me learn about this and how I can use this in the future. I would like to have a career in computing or IT support. GHM has helped me expand my knowledge of these jobs and think about my possible future career plans.

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