The best way to charge your business mobile phone

Posted by: Jo Love
Category: Blog, Business Phone System, IP Phone System

Our mobile business phones are always the latest hardware out there. But ever wondered what the most optimal way to charge them is?

Here are our top tips to make sure your mobile business phone battery has the longest lifetime:

  1. The best way to charge your phone is a little at a time – just plug it in whenever you can, even if it’s for a few minutes
  2. Don’t let your batteries run out completely – deep discharges — when you use your phone until only a small portion of its battery life is left — wears down batteries
  3. Aim for between 65-75% – the lithium-ion battery in your smartphone will last longest if you keep it 65% to 75% charged at all times
  4. The second-best charge range for batteries inside smartphones is 45% to 75%
  5. Don’t fully charge your battery – charging your phone’s battery to 100% can reduce its capacity and shorten its lifespan

Hopefully this helps you know what to aim for when next charging your mobile business phone – of course there’s a little wiggle room but if you follow this rough guide then your battery will last longer in the long run.

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