The Unchained Enterprise: Welcome To Wireless Collaboration

Posted by: Jo Love
Category: Blog, Business Phone System, Unified Communications

Have you noticed that across the enterprise – from Ethernet to headsets – we’re ditching cables? The ‘wireless office’ is a little like the ‘paperless’ equivalent, something that we aspire to and can continuously work towards.

Unified Communications are giving work forces the flexibility they need to work smarter.

Do you know how much time wires cost us productivity-wise? The often-used term “five-minute meeting tax” refers to the time spent before a meeting while we look for wires, adaptors and connect to in-room screens. If research is accurate and we attend an average of 62 meetings each month then that’s more than five hours lost each month fiddling around with accessories.

Our research shows that more than a third (35%) of workers say unified communications help them make quick decisions and nearly two-thirds (62%) of workers in major economies around the world want their employer to provide the collaboration technology to work from anywhere.

Read this full article from Business Computing World on wireless collaboration and unified communications.

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