Tips for using your telecoms for remote working

Posted by: Jo Love
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GHM has the perfect solutions for businesses where staff work remotely. In most cases we can install a bespoke ‘Cloud’ based system with Unified Communications where users can work in several ways; Traditionalists can still have a desk handset. If you prefer to make and receive calls from your PC or Mac that’s fine too, or if you are a road warrior you can install an app on your smart phone and use it as your primary communication device. If you want all 3, there is no additional cost.

Hot Desking

GHM’s modern solutions allow staff to work from any device, anywhere, at any time. So, whether that is spending time in another branch or selecting to work from home, clients and colleagues will be able to reach each other. All you need to have is the phone system app on your desktop/laptop or mobile.

Internal Video Calls

While there are many advantages to working remotely, the flip side of homeworking is that it can make employees feel isolated. So, having a telecoms system that allows video calls, means the employee still feels connected.

Conference Calls

All GHM’s systems have the facility to make conference calls, so setting up regular or ad hoc meetings with a group of employees or clients is extremely easy.

Mobile Applications

GHM’s ‘Cloud’ based systems come with a range of free apps, these include instant messaging, full presence and integration with outlook calendars. You can also set up to make and receive calls from your own devices.

Improved Customer Experience

Gone are the days of customers getting frustrated when they can’t get through. Remote working normally means employees enjoy flexible hours, ensuring calls are answered promptly, which can only lead to increased customer satisfaction!

Good Internet Access

With remote working becoming more popular, often the onus is on the employee to ensure they have adequate internet speed. Poor coverage can affect call quality, so for customer-based roles, this is best addressed from the offset.

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