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Tips to Kickstart your New Year IT Support & Communications 

Posted by: Jo Love
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Ok, so we know there’s a lot of blogs and posts relating to New Year’s resolutions. But whilst there are plenty of inspiring ideas for improving your own well-being, how about bringing your IT into a fresh focus?


The well-known exercise app Strava says the second Friday in January is quitters’ day i.e. when most give up resolutions. Likely because the goal set is unachievable. Here are some suggestions from the GHM IT Support team for businesses to start the year with realistic…and sustainable…IT goals.


Make Cybersecurity a Must Have


So many SMBs make do with just anti-virus and not much else! Now is the time for cybersecurity to change to a must-have instead of a nice-to-have. Research shows over 50% of cyber-attacks happen to SMBs, with many suffering financially and losing reputation. Ensure 2023 has room in the budget to combat any potential risk.


Upgrade your PSTN & ISDN Lines


GHM has been talking about the PSTN & ISDN Switch Off in 2025 for a few years now. Hanging on to legacy infrastructure can hinder business performance and mean expensive maintenance fees. Switching before the deadline also has many advantages, including lower call costs, higher scalability, flexibility on call routing and additional features. 


Update Company Password Policy


Updating password policies is the easiest fix of all. Using a weak password makes it easy for hackers to infiltrate, no matter how sophisticated the security software is. Here is a previous blog to check you have a robust policy in place We also would highlight Two-factor authentication (2FA) as a crucial additional layer, especially if you have remote workers.  


Become Cyber Essentials Certified


Cyber Essentials is a requirement for most government contracts and can protect from 98.5% of cybersecurity issues. But most important, it proves to customers that the business is committed and trustworthy. It may require work to be accredited, but GHM can help.       


GHM would love to be part of your 2023 IT journey. That’s why we are offering a FREE IT REVIEW to kickstart your New Year IT. To book your free review simply visit this page and fill out your details, call 01865 367111 or email [email protected].

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