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Top tips for working smarter with Microsoft Teams

Posted by: Jo Love
Category: Blog, IT Managed Services, Tips and advice

Since the pandemic, Microsoft Teams has become mainstream within business. But are businesses using it in the best way possible? Check out some of our tips below to make sure you’re making the most of the features available.

Make meetings more productive

Send invites through Outlook to ensure calendars are up to date.

For those working remotely, there is the option to blur your background on video meetings.

Hosts and attendees have the option to share screens. Depending on the meeting style, attendees can also communicate by sending an emoji or GIF. Groups can also create Breakout Rooms if necessary.

For those unable to attend, meetings can be recorded.

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Collaborate and Share Files

File sharing has long been a challenge for team members, often leading to multiple versions of the same document. Microsoft Teams allows teams to work on files collaboratively, ensuring a single most up-to-date version is available.

You don’t need a create a new team for each new project. Create new channels within an existing team. It is more efficient and can feel less overwhelming. You can also forward email messages to channels.

Use OneNote to keep track of vital information such as meeting notes or documents. It can be organised and stored within the relevant channel in the team.

Do you know your hacks? 

Use the @mention function – this sends a notification to the tagged team members. Users can also bookmark messages.

Don’t forget about shortcuts and invite members outside the organisation to a particular team and set their status to let others know when they are busy.

For businesses working globally, language barriers have become a thing of the past with the option to translate messages into various languages.


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