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Unified Communications: 2022 Market Trends & Drivers (Part 1)

Posted by: Jo Love
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Continued disruption to the workplace drives change. The trends below consider the changes in telecommunications – focussing on Unified Communications, Contact Centres and compliance – that we expect to see in 2022 and beyond.


29% of UK organisations are implementing hybrid working for all employees.

32% are implementing hybrid working for some employees and enforcing office-based working for the remainder.

Only 4% are not implementing hybrid working at all.


Video Conferencing

In 2021, 67% of companies increased their spending on communications to ensure it included video conferencing.

Web-based video conferencing usage has also increased by over 500% since the start of 2020.

Digital Transformation

Businesses continue to take to the cloud in record numbers. In a 2021 survey on global technology trends by Equinix, 47% of 17 decision-makers reported having accelerated digital transformation plans because of the pandemic, with over 60% of respondents claiming the pandemic forced them to revise their overall IT strategy.

In 2021, Statista reported the average business utilises 110 SaaS products, while Computer World UK claims that up to 80% of business may run entirely on cloud systems by 2025.

Keep watching for part 2 of this mini series which will look at even more drivers and trends.

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