VoIP can help SMEs save in 2019

Posted by: Jo Love
Category: Blog, Tips and advice, VOIP

VoIP is a great cost-cutting measure for SMEs choosing a new business telephone system. It can deliver business efficiencies on top of tremendous telecoms cost savings of up to 45%.

With VoIP telephone systems, web conferencing expenses, for example, can drop by up to 30% following VoIP system implementation, according to one survey of CIOs.

Implementing VoIP voice and data systems over traditional copper wire technology will reduce operating costs while boosting SME productivity in many ways.

Stopping and starting business tasks throughout the day to check voicemail, for example, results in a 40%  reduction in SME productivity, according to ITToolbox.com. VoIP telephone systems are renowned for their ability to deliver unparalleled multitasking through unified messaging.

“VoIP can be a smart cost-cutting exercise that can also make businesses more efficient.¬†Many Oxfordshire businesses are switching to VoIP and hosted telephone systems for these reasons.” says Neil McManus, GHM Communications, providers of business telephone systems in Oxfordshire.

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