What does BT’s 2025 ISDN switch off really mean for your business?

Posted by: Jo Love
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And why you should prepare for it sooner rather than later…

The impending end of life date for analogue ISDN telephony, set by BT for 2025, represents one of the most significant changes in telecommunications history. Whilst millions of businesses have already turned away from ISDN in favour of more cost effective and functional alternatives, the 2025 switch off means that in order for businesses to continue using their business telephone systems past 2025 they have no choice but to embrace modern, internet based digital telephony as using an ISDN2 or ISDN30 system will no longer be possible.

Why is the switch off happening?

The move to digital is part of an international trend amongst telecoms providers preparing for analogue platforms like the PSTN to become obsolete (Openreach, 2018). Internet based telephony has already surpassed analogue throughout much of Europe simply because it costs less and offers more (see our previous article on the benefits of VoIP telephony). The 2025 end of life date has been set not only for the UK to catch up with the latest technological breakthroughs being enjoyed by many of our European neighbours, but as is the case when any new technological breakthrough emerges, it is simply better than the outgoing tech – in this case ISDN.

As IP (internet protocol) telephony relies on an internet connection, the main stumbling block it has faced in the past has been concerns surrounding internet availability and quality. With fibre now in place throughout much of the UK, and most of the UK set to be fibre enabled by 2025, this stumbling block has been removed enabling businesses to operate without any of the previous concerns using fully IP telephone systems.

New buildings are in fact now being constructed with infrastructure in place offering only digital telephony options as the telecoms industry gears up to the total takeover by digital.

2025 is 7 years away, why should my business take action now?

IP telephony is being adopted as it offers significant cost savings and functional benefits compared to analogue systems. So whilst the 2025 deadline may seem like a long way off, you don’t have to wait until the deadline to start benefiting from VoIP telephony – in other words, if you can save money and gain extra functionality whilst future proofing your business at the same time now, why wouldn’t you?

It is also important to note that whilst 2025 may seem like a lifetime away, the cease in supply deadline (the date set when ISDN related services and products will no longer be available to order) is actually less than 24 months away, set for 2020. If you’re in the market for a new phone system then opting for a VoIP system makes the most sense if you’re planning on having it for longer than 24 months.

How can I update my ISDN business phone and start benefitting from IP telephony now?

To find out more about the ISDN switch off, to discuss the benefits of VoIP or just to discuss your options in improving your telephony, give GHM Communications a call on 01865367111 and one of our friendly sales consultants would be delighted to discuss your options with you.

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