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Why are Businesses switching to IT Managed Services?

Posted by: Jo Love
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GHM launched our IT Managed Services this year. In this blog, we have highlighted the main reasons why businesses are choosing a managed service provider for their IT services.

A cost-effective alternative – Compared to the cost of IT Managed Services, recruiting in-house with the right qualifications can be much more expensive.  

Supplements in-house IT departments – IT departments skills have their limit on time and some tasks. To ensure they are not overwhelmed with responsibilities, a partnership with a Managed Services team is the best solution.

Saves on Staff Time – It can ensure IT staff have proper focus time, such as project work, rather than multitasking on various tasks. 

Network Security – Like many providers, GHM offers strategic support to ensure businesses security and sensitive data is safe.  

Proactive Response – Our Managed Services is not just about fixing things when they break; but about monitoring your infrastructure and putting tools in place that eliminates any faults.

Account Management Reviews – The Account Managers will review businesses setup and make recommendations; they can conduct reviews monthly or quarterly depending on the individual business preference.

Increased Productivity – To enable staff to have more time to focus on project work. Outsourcing will also increase daily activity. A secure and stable network can also reduce help desk tickets.  

Prevents Expensive Failures – Security breaches and downtime can turn expensive fast. As part of ongoing support, GHM provides fast responses when networks go offline.       

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Calum Clewer

“GHM provides leading cloud-to-cloud backup. Our solution is one of the fastest in the industry, saving businesses time and money. With peace of mind knowing your business is protected”.

Calum Clewer, Head of Managed Services

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