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Why Contact Centres Need Omnichannel Communications

Posted by: Jo Love
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Customers demand a consistent contact centre experience from start to finish. But this rarely happens. Instead, they might be transferred from agent to agent, repeating their query or information each time. It’s repetitive. It’s a chore. It’s sometimes a good enough reason for customers to lose faith in a company and go somewhere else to do business. PWC research indicated that 32% would stop doing business with a brand they love after just one poor experience.

The customer journey is a crucial aspect for businesses. In a technologically advancing world, customers now expect an experience that caters to their every need. A fully optimised Omnichannel Contact Centre ensures efficient communication, connecting everything from calls and live chats to social media and SMS to your CRM system. Thus, creating a seamless customer experience.

Here are multiple ways businesses can leverage an omnichannel strategy in the Contact Centre.

Improved Customer Journey                                   

Communication between departments is critical for ensuring a positive customer experience. It can be frustrating for customers when being asked to repeat themselves. To avoid this, have all customer profiles on hand. Because customer needs are constantly changing, profiles should also be up to date. The Omnichannel customer experience strategy can assist businesses in providing personalised service.

For example, if a customer complains about delayed delivery via a chatbot, that information must be available across all channel dashboards. As a result, if the same customer goes to contact via phone or another channel, the agent will not require the customer to repeat their information. The agent will be aware of the issue and will only engage in offering a solution.

Reduce Customer Friction

Some customers will no longer try to go to a website and search for ways to contact a business. Instead, they want to deal with businesses that meet their chosen channel, such as apps like WhatsApp, where they may already be messaging their friends.

No one enjoys being left ‘on hold’ when your Contact Centre has a high demand. However, if they can communicate via live chat, WhatsApp, or social media, this eliminates waiting times.

They may also become frustrated if required to repeat their problem several times to different agents. When an Omnichannel Solution is in place, customer service agents have more information readily available and should not need to ask so many repetitive questions.

Enhanced Agent Efficiency

Encourage agents to work smarter, not harder. It is crucial to adopt CRM systems and centralised dashboards that unify various communication channels. It allows customer service agents to toggle between channels with little fuss and less time fulfilling customer requests with tasks passed between agents (or departments) without scrambling or displaying procedures.

But what makes the difference is adopting an Omnichannel platform where agents can easily log information, such as internal notes and customer contact details, all in one place.

AI Automation

Modern contact centres recognise that customers are no longer reliant on voice channels. Customers are likely to use an app, social media, or a website if the company has them. With an increase in digital channels, there is also an increase in automation.

Omnichannel platforms include powerful automation that enables businesses to move efficiently between channels. Such as performing simple admin tasks to more complex processes. The automation allows your team to work smarter and faster.

Chatbots can be used for immediate responses to most tickets while offering an option to call the agent if necessary.

You can also create templates of pre-configured responses for customer support, sales, and marketing to reply faster and boost customer satisfaction.

GHM can provide plans that bring together Omnichannel Communication and platform integrations. It makes having multiple channels manageable, centralising voice, email, and social media interactions and allowing you to meet your customers where they are while managing interactions effectively, regardless of where they started. For further information, contact us on 01865 367111.

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