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Why is Cloud Backup so Important?

Posted by: Jo Love
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It doesn’t matter whether you use Google Workspace, Microsoft 365 or other platforms. Cloud services help us collaborate and connect anywhere. But just because you are constantly creating cloud data, it does not mean you have control over it.

For example, what happens if an employee: –

  • Inadvertently deletes all their emails.
  • Downloads a third-party app that overrides all your data.
  • Accidentally downloads a virus, which spreads to local computers.
  • Erases a former employees account without transferring data to a new location.

The above are a few reasons why Cloud Backup exists. It enables organisations to send a copy of data to another location. So that if your data is compromised, you can restore information and avoid an IT crisis. Besides, many businesses need secure cloud data to meet industry standards or regulations.

While there is a choice on how data is stored, a Cloud Backup solution is the fastest, most reliable, and cost-effective way to do so. There is also peace of mind knowing your business is protected, with customer support, when you need a helping hand.

To discuss the options available to your business, contact a member of GHM’s Managed Services Team on 01865 367111.

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