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Why you should move to a Cloud Backup solution

Posted by: Jo Love
Category: Blog, IT Managed Services, IT Support

Data loss presents a significant threat to businesses, especially those adopting hybrid working. Cloud Back-Up is essentially a service that protects and reduces the chances of being disrupted should the worst happen. But what are the many benefits?

Cost Effective – A cloud-back is a cost-effective service, more affordable than traditional hardware. A key benefit is only purchasing resources as and when needed.

Reliability – All data is encrypted, meaning businesses are not as vulnerable to threats, data leaks or user error. Cloud Backup offers protection against cybersecurity threats, disasters and much more.

Flexible – The cloud provides businesses with all the flexibility needed. The solution is easy to use and quick and easy to deploy and adopt.

Scalable – Another benefit of a Cloud Backup is its scalable infrastructure, meaning that it is easy to add capacity as your data grows.

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