10 ways to keep your business mobile phones secure

Posted by: Jo Love
Category: Blog, Business Phone System, Tips and advice

These top tips from Business Insider are worth considering for any business mobile phone users, especially if you have access to confidential information (think GDPR).

Here is a quick summary but you can read the full advice here:

  1. Lock your home screen
  2. Use caller protection apps
  3. Avoid charging your phone in public charging ports
  4. Use two-factor authentication
  5. Update your phone’s software regularly
  6. Turn your Bluetooth and WiFi off when not in use
  7. Don’t root your device
  8. Encrypt hot spots
  9. Store passwords in encrypted files
  10. Use VPNs

If you’re worried about your business mobile phone not being secure and would like some advice on the best business mobile phone options out there please call us at any time.

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