As London telephone numbers run out it’s time to look at the options

Posted by: Jo Love
Category: Blog, Business Phone System, Tips and advice

The telecoms regulator Ofcom is introducing 10 million new London phone numbers as existing ones run out.

However, opting for one of the new ‘0204’ numbers being rolled out by Ofcom isn’t the only option for businesses and workers with a London presence and a unified communications system can help streamlines efficiency and costs.

Businesses can choose a non-geographic number. A number of this type will not be assigned an area code such as ‘020’ and so is not location specific. 

Think about your company’s objectives. For example, freephone numbers are wholly free to landline and mobile callers, but your company would need to foot the bill for all incoming calls. Meanwhile, 03 and 0345 numbers cost callers more.

Whichever route you go down it makes sense to tie your various telephone lines and points of contact into a single system such as a unified communications system like Horizon or Unify, both available from GHM.

Not only does this allow for seamless operation between your  mobile phones and fixed telephones and remote workers and office workers but also gives cost savings by reducing the number of different phone numbers, lines and contracts your business has.

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