Homeworking options: Are you TW&T or Hybrid?

Posted by: Jo Love
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Previously we have written about millions not returning to work, but what does the future hold for the office, with so many working from home as the new normal.

The video below sums it up well, in that 2 out of 3 are really longing to return to the office.


Covid –19 has really opened our eyes to how we work.  For those wanting the best of both worlds, the video explores adopting a TW&T solution – which means working in the office Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday, while giving employees flexibility to work quietly at home on a Monday and Friday.

The more adventurous employers are taking what is called as a ‘hybrid’ approach. This means employees meeting up for a week once per quarter.

We 100% agree that the best ideas happen when colleagues are free to meet and bounce off each other.  Yet there are some tasks where working in an open plan noisy office can be challenging. And rather than sit crouched over a desk with headphones on, the homeworking space can be a more practical solution.

Whatever solution a company chooses to move forward with, must work for them. We are fortunate that technology, and in particular business telephone systems, has advanced so much, meaning teams can stay connected with clients as well as each other.

GHM is continually assisting customers, with the necessary changes needed. Whether that re-directing phones or moving clients to a hosted telephone solution with unified communications.

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