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How to ensure you implement high performing WiFi

Posted by: Jo Love
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At GHM, we do more than deploying business WiFi. We follow a lifecycle on all our connectivity projects, all delivered with powerful WiFi tools to manage every stage of the process.


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From the customer feedback and brief gathered during the planning stage, it is on to the design stage. This stage is critical to successful network deployment and achieved using the building and floor plans. Plus, also considering building materials to produce access point locations.

GHM stage WiFi access points and external antennas to make sure the design is right. Getting it right the first time ensures unnecessary costly rewriting after deployment. Other aspects include application usage and capacity, a critical element in the network design.

The deployment of the wireless network design involves acquiring the hardware and configuring it. Mounting of access points is required at this stage, needing exact orientation and location.

Once deployed, we then move to validate. For high-performing reliable wireless networks, WiFi optimisation is essential for ongoing monitoring and maintenance. Performing regular health check surveys, troubleshooting issues, and implementing fixes will give a high-performing network that will last.

What happens when you need to change network requirements or if the company grows? We follow the same process again!

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