Benefits of switching to a cloud telephone system

Posted by: Jo Love
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Cloud phone systems are paid for monthly and include free telephone calls, making it easy for start-ups to budget each month with no surprise costs.

With no contract, it’s a great way to get off the ground without any commitment.

How cloud telephone systems work

Instead of using telephone lines, it uses your internet connection to make the calls. This means there is no longer the concept of number of lines you need, but instead just how many users you have on the system to make and receive calls.

The calls are in HD so, unlike VoIP, sound exactly like traditional phone lines. You can also choose which geographic area you want your number and can have numbers in more than one location. Learn more about how it works.

5 big benefits of switching to a cloud telephone system:

Grow as you do

Unlike traditional phone systems, a cloud phone system allows you to add and remove users monthly, with no limit. So, if it’s just you in the beginning, you can have a fully functional phone system for just you. Then as you grow your team, you can add in extra staff when you need. With no contract, you can also remove users if they don’t work out.

The problem for small firms has always been the issue that a telephone system requires an investment, and for many, working from home is usually part of the start-up process, and even if you have an office, you might out-grow it.

Answer and make calls from anywhere

With an app for your mobile phone and physical phones that can plug into any Internet connection, you can make and receive calls on your business number from anywhere. So if you are busy out and about, you take your business number with you and can make those important calls while doing other things, no one will ever see your mobile number again.

You can have different members of your team working from different locations too and see who is on a call where ever you are, making flexible working so simple and easy. Once you have a cloud phone system, it’s quite common for all staff to work from home to reduce overheads.

Call analysis reporting

Getting a feel for how your start-up is working is essential. Total transparency for your calls, by finding out who made calls, for how long and who they called, allowing you to manage your sales calls and monitor those making chargeable calls too.

Auto-attendant and voicemail

It’s important that you give the right impression when people call you, and having an auto-attendant can make your business look larger than you are. Voicemail ensures you give a professional response even when you are too busy to answer.

Video calling and chat

There are some exciting features like video calling and chat, which if you decide to run your start-up from home, you can keep in touch with other members of your team at their homes each day, making home working a real solution to get your business off the ground.

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