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Building a future of communications using AI  

Posted by: Jo Love
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Some of us may be nervous of AI but be assured that when it comes to improving your communications for a better customer experience, it’s relevant for all sizes of business and it won’t be replacing humans any time soon. It will however strengthen customer engagements. Here we explore how AI-driven voice and speech analytics can benefit businesses:


Key Facts


The popularity of AI-driven chatbots has grown significantly, with younger consumers preferring to interact with businesses this way. 


Research by Hubspot found that 90% of customers rate an immediate response to a customer service question as paramount, with 60% defining prompt as 10 minutes or fewer. A survey by PwC also found that 32% of customers would stop doing business with a brand they love after just one poor experience.


How do AI customer analytics work?


AI-powered analytics is driven by extracting keywords and phrases, voice pace, volume pitch, and tonality to provide sentiment analysis, call handler evaluation and customer experience insights. It will facilitate a better understanding of the customer to help build a comprehensive view of customer sentiments and the quality of their interactions. 


How easy is it to use?


Communication channels are painless with omnichannel contact centres & CRM tools because whatever method the customer chooses to interact with, the data is centralised to a single, intelligent console. It can empower staff to view customer interactions across channels via a unified chronological timeline to ensure a clear view, with AI powering the analytics to provide a first-class customer experience. 


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