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Planning projects ahead for chip shortage

Posted by: Jo Love
Category: Business Phone System, Business WiFi, IT Support, News

IT projects may have taken a back seat over the past 18 months but as we head into a new way of working, demand is increasing.

However, because of the global chip shortage which will continue into 2022, it is vital to plan ahead and allow some flexibility on delivery for hardware.

The global chip shortage affects laptops, mobiles, and other computer accessories, as the increased demand during the pandemic meant chip manufacturers couldn’t keep up. There is also an increased demand for switches, firewalls, and semiconductors. The main issue is more demand than supply.

GHM works closely with our suppliers to create accurate forecasting and visibility, enabling us to get a clear view of the end-to-end supply chain. This means we are in a strong position to react to and manage customer expectations and build resilience in an increasingly challenging market.

To ensure your project is not affected by longer lead times on hardware get in touch to discuss any projects you might be planning in 2022.

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