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Business Connectivity: Understanding Ethernet (Leaded Line)

Posted by: Jo Love
Category: Blog, Business WiFi, Enterprise WiFi

In the following blog, we will cover what ethernet connections are (if you don’t already know) and why some businesses opt for this faster form of connectivity over broadband.


Business Ethernet 


Ethernet is a circuit with a direct connection from the network over fibre to the premises, with a high bandwidth, scalable and reliable service. It’s a premium service, unlike Broadband where the bandwidth is shared between several customers/businesses. 


The move to cloud-based applications, including voice and collaboration tools, requires businesses to have fast access to the internet. This means good quality is essential. Ethernet solutions are perfect for hosted telephony, video, and conferencing services. They also help reduce the cost of private networking while improving the quality of service and support.  


Do I need Ethernet?  


Many businesses adopt ethernet for its speed. But speed is only one of the factors. Those relying on cloud solutions for their data and voice will benefit hugely. While Broadband is often sufficient, if you’re a business working on fast response times, the investment could be advantageous.       


How will Ethernet save my business money? 


Although Ethernet connections are more expensive than Broadband, over time they will reduce both maintenance and downtime, thus having a positive impact on business productivity. 


If you’re seeking faster, more powerful connectivity for your business have a chat with our team of experts to find out about the options available.

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