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Business Energy Market Update

Posted by: Jo Love
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There is no sign of downward pressure on energy prices for the next few years. These are unprecedented times for businesses. In this blog, we try to discuss where the market is, why you should still consider fixed contracts, the state of green energy and what it all means for businesses.


What does it mean for Businesses?


The surge in wholesale gas prices is unlikely to recover until at least 2023 and into 2024. The longer-term contracts tend to be more favourable, allowing customers to dilute higher prices over more time.


Unlike household energy, there is no price cap should businesses fall out of fixed-term contract rates, with significant increases of around 200 – 500% extra. GHM recommend not waiting until out-of-contract. Our business energy specialists can search for the best rates on your behalf.


Advantages of using an Energy Consultant  

– Access to better pricing

– Access suppliers that do not sell direct  

– Provide budget certainty with deals of up to 5 years

– An Account Manager to review the market and avoid out-of-contract rates


How can businesses boost Green Energy? 


Green electricity is available to all businesses, so no matter how large or small, you can still be effective in this area. In fact, renewables will be a driving force in the years to come. 


Unfortunately, there is a limited volume of green gas available in the UK and a growing demand, with climate change being a hot topic. However, some suppliers now offer a range of green gas products to suit every budget. 


Some benefits of switching to a green electricity tariff:

– Report zero emissions for Scope 2 purchased electricity

– Reduce the organisation’s carbon footprint

– Demonstrate your commitment to renewable and sustainable goals

– Enhance your reputation with customers and other stakeholders

– Demonstrate best practices in your marketplace


For further information on securing fixed-term energy contracts, contact us on 01865 367111. 

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