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Myth Busting: Selecting a Managed Service Provider #2

Posted by: Jo Love
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Misconception 2 – Assuming One Size Fits All

Last week we looked at whether it’s a lengthy process when onboarding a new IT service provider. This week we discuss another misconception when selecting an IT provider – assuming one size fits all.

Working with a Managed Service Provider who has not taken the time to understand your business model, processes and objectives could be a costly mistake. It could certainly lead to problems later on down the road.

There are hundreds of different variables, all bespoke to your businesses, which needs to be factored in to a tailored IT support plan. The number of users, types of user, location of users, business systems, customer requirements, historic issues and growth plans are just some of the factors that a reputable service provider will take into account. It’s definitely not a question of one size fits all when it comes to outsourcing your IT support.

GHM has the knowledge and expertise to provide tailored strategies. We look at the specific needs of each business. It ensures we provide the right solutions, where we can back this up by putting the tools in place, thus minimising the effect if a fault occurs.

GHM has onboarded many businesses across Oxfordshire in the past few months. For further information contact our IT Support team on 01865 367111.

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