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Cloud Contact Centre Solutions – The Customer Experience

Posted by: Jo Love
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We are all customers. We like to get our problems solved quickly, accurately, and whenever it is most convenient to us. We all expect businesses to respect our time, know our historical customer data and personalise their interactions to suit our needs.

The coronavirus experience has complicated things, as customers are more online than ever. Yet, the customer experience has never been more important. Customer satisfaction should be at the forefront of businesses. But there are many challenges and changing trends. The right contact centre solution however, can overcome them.

Getting it right the first time is critical. Customers do not forget a bad interaction: 46% of customers remember bad experiences from over two years ago. In comparison, only a reported 21% remember good experiences from the same period. Contact centres vary in size, but customers expect businesses to have an operation that is quick and efficient, with friendly agents. To also communicate through different channels and have up to date information and access customer information.

The challenges posed include long hold times, the agent not having sufficient information on file, support only available through disjointed channels and unfriendly support agents.

Just as customer demands have changed, so has the technology to ensure businesses provide customers with what they want. With advanced features and tools, a cloud contact centre solution is easy to deploy. It does not require any upfront capital expenditure, and it gives the flexibility to scale depending on business needs. With advanced features and tools, a cloud solution can solve all challenges.

Important Features: –  

Unlimited ACD Queues

A sophisticated queuing solution to help keep customers on the line.

Call Agents

Responsible for handling specific services efficiently.

Comprehensive Reporting

Improve campaign success with reporting and analysis.

Real-Time Queue Stats

View what is happening in real-time to improve call strategies.

Real-Time Monitoring

Act on real-time information during every call.


Adopt desk phone or softphone, which allows for flexible working.


Provide targeted updates for all agents in seconds.

Managed Control

Control of agent behaviour and supervisor intervention.


Fully scalable according to size and complexity.


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