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Why Do I Need a Firewall?

Posted by: Jo Love
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With an effective firewall you can prevent unauthorised access to your computers and network. It also gives extra protection against viruses and malware.

A Managed Firewall will significantly reduce risk to your business. Without a firewall, you could easily give way to a cyber-attack, causing much disruption such as lost data and possible damage to the businesses reputation and brand. Firewalls can also control both inbound and outbound internet traffic, meaning you can choose to block specific websites etc.

Cybercriminals can probe every computer connected to the internet. Without a firewall, they can gain access to sensitive data. But a properly managed and maintained firewall will protect data, network, and devices, as well as managing normal traffic without slowing down systems.

Choosing GHM to manage your firewall will save businesses time spent on maintenance and money, as our experienced team takes away the stress of configuring and updating.

You can read more about our Managed Firewall here: And for further information contact us on 01865 367111 or at [email protected].

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