Customer Feedback: Nexus Care – Calming Patients, Heightened Levels of Pride & a Little Competition!

Posted by: Jo Love
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Our specialist division dedicated to providing technology for Care Homes, GHM Care, recently installed a Nexus Care Solution at Court House Residential Home in Devon. The solution is a powerful messaging platform that delivers critical alarms and messaging for carers, increasing both patient satisfaction and staff efficiency at the same time.

Our Care Consultant, Edward has been managing the installation and this is the feedback he has recently received: –

We have a lady in our care that experiences increased anxiety at around 6pm (like many other care homes). The repeated bells going off were adding to her confusion preventing us from calming her into a more pleasant routine, on silent running we have been able to create a more “normal” feel to the evening, thus calming her and therefore everyone else”.

The care home also added: –

The portal is also setup on the manager’s desktop so that response times can be closely monitored on an individual staff member basis, staff have a heightened level of pride as we have been congratulating them on response times which continue to be excellent. There is even a little competition developing!”

“As part of the “Southwest Care Collaborative” we both visit and are visited by many other care service providers, they all notice the calmness within the home, some even notice the lack of institutional noise.”

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