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Cyber Security threats during the Festive Period: Are you prepared? 

Posted by: Jo Love
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Christmas is fast approaching, and while we are busy with festive activities, it’s one of the most popular times for hackers to make their move. Our IT Support team discusses how the culprits up their activity around Christmas and how your business can protect itself during this period.

Toll Fraud

Christmas is the perfect time for hackers to strike without businesses knowing. In preparation, our Support Team set spending limits to ensure customer phones are protected and less likely to receive a shock bill in January from toll fraud. Toll fraud is where a hacker gains access to the phone system to make artificially generated high-volume calls to premium international numbers.


Throughout 2022 GHM has shared many examples of phishing emails, from the common ones with spelling and grammatical errors to the more targeted emails with hackers pretending to be a colleague or suppliers – which sound legitimate and have a sense of urgency. Especially during Christmas with tempting offers and parcels to be collected.

The best defence against falling victim to a phishing email is to ensure staff are well-trained to spot the emails, and if one is clicked, report it immediately.


Often following a phishing email, ransomware can detect and block malicious encryption used in attacks. Unfortunately, a record number of attacks happen during the Christmas break, affecting SMEs and large businesses. Likely to have implications and significant downtime.

Staff Error

It’s a great idea to refresh your cyber security training for staff before you break up for Christmas. Human error is still one of the biggest vulnerabilities when it comes to threats. Here are some tops tips we shared this year –

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