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Cybersecurity: Don’t get caught out during Black Friday and Cyber Monday

Posted by: Jo Love
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The next few days will see millions of consumers purchase goods online. However, the Black Friday period can also be lucrative for cybercriminals, who will try and take advantage of the transactions and financial information shared.

Our IT team recommend being extra aware of the risks, including phishing scams, fraudulent websites, and unprotected financial transactions.

Sadly, small businesses are 50% more likely to be targeted than larger enterprises. Cybercrime is now much more prominent than in previous years. So, it’s never been more crucial for businesses to stay vigilant and protect their data and brand reputation. Here are our Top Safety Tips:

Staff Security Awareness

As most security breaches occur due to a human element, Cybersecurity awareness training should be available for all staff. Awareness training reduces the risk as cybercriminals rely on an end-user clicking a link to initiate a phishing scam.

Be aware of Phishing Attempts

Fraudulent emails are getting more sophisticated. Here are some red flags that should cause alarm bells to ring:

  • Emails stating that something is ‘urgent’
  • Sender names and email addresses not matching
  • Always check the email address. Is it different? Are there spelling mistakes?
  • Grammar and spelling errors
  • Suspicious links (check before opening) and random attachments


Multi-Factor Authentication

This is vital because multi-factor authentication prevents around 99% of attacks. The attacks target wherever the data is stored, and often businesses use third-party software. You can find out how to apply strong passwords. and also more about Two Factor Authentication.

To discuss how to better protect your business, contact our IT Support Services Team.

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