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Embracing Remote Work: How Telecoms Empowers Employees to Work Anywhere this Summer!

Posted by: Jo Love
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Summer is now in full swing, and for many that means getting the work life balance right more than ever. In this blog, we talk about how telecoms can empower employees to work from anywhere this summer. But let’s not forget about those office-based staff who don’t have the luxury to take calls from a far-flung paradise!

Telecoms: Your Passport to Freedom

Thanks to the wonders of telecoms, we can now spread our wings and work from practically anywhere with a reliable internet connection and a GHM cloud hosted phone system! Remote employees can easily swap the office for a beach, cosy coffee shop or indoor play centre with their kids. No need to divert phones, hand out mobile numbers or leave out of office messages – the world can be your oyster!

Embracing Remote Work

With the right collaboration tools, teams can seamlessly work from practically anywhere. Video conferencing, instant messaging and cloud-based collaboration tools have become the new watercooler chats! Our Cloud hosted telephone solution keeps businesses connected and competitive whether team members are using our desktop or mobile apps.

Empathy for Office Staff

Unfortunately, not all job roles can be performed remotely, and that’s a reality we must acknowledge. To our office-based troopers, there is still plenty to celebrate and appreciate. From the invigorating buzz of teamwork to the creativity-sparked brainstorming sessions, and not to forget the impromptu birthday celebrations. And you can still reach your colleagues using the same cloud hosted technology.

So, whether you’re enjoying the digital nomad life or holding the fort at the office, let’s say cheers to the virtual power of cloud-hosted telecoms.


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