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Firewalls: Why Broadband Routers Are Never Enough for Business

Posted by: Jo Love
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Many businesses rely on basic broadband routers for network security, especially for remote working. However, it’s really important to add a dedicated business firewall. Below we explain why a business firewall is essential, providing better protection and peace of mind. 


Extra Security Features 


Standard broadband routers have basic security features that may not be enough for businesses. Dedicated business firewalls offer advanced security features like intrusion detection, automatic advanced discovery and optimum management and reporting capabilities. These features provide better defence against sophisticated cyber threats. 


Customisation is Key


Unlike broadband routers, business firewalls allow you to customise security policies to fit your needs. You can set rules and controls for different applications. This flexibility lets you tailor security measures to business requirements, keeping business networks secure without hindering productivity. 


More Visibility of Traffic


A business firewall provides a clear view of network traffic, helping businesses monitor and analyse data flow. This visibility is critical for identifying potential security breaches, suspicious activities, or unauthorised access attempts. It allows them to respond quickly to threats, isolate compromised systems, and address vulnerabilities proactively. 


Protection for Remote Workers


With more people working remotely, cybersecurity measures are a requirement beyond the office. Business firewalls offer secure remote access solutions like VPN support, ensuring remote employees can connect to the network safely, even when using public WiFi networks. 


Compliance and Regulatory Requirements


Certain industries may have specific data protection and privacy requirements. Many firewalls meet standards such as GDPR, ensuring using a business firewall can avoid costly penalties and keep data secure. 


While broadband routers provide basic security, they may not be enough to protect businesses from advanced cyber threats. Installing a dedicated business firewall offers enhanced security features, customisable policies, comprehensive threat visibility, and protection for remote workers. It also helps your business comply with industry regulations. Investing in a business firewall is a proactive step towards safeguarding your data and maintaining a strong cybersecurity posture in today’s threat landscape.

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