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Examples of phishing emails to watch out for

Posted by: Jo Love
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Are your team getting bombarded with suspicious emails but struggling to identify which are genuine and which aren’t?

Our IT Support team is on hand to check anything you’re not sure about and we can add additional layers of email security to stop any harmful malware becoming a risk.

It’s a good idea to regularly remind your team what to look out for in their inbox as the types of phishing emails and common subject lines evolve all of the time. Most importantly, if they’re not sure whether an email is genuine…don’t open it!

Here are some examples of the most common phishing email subject lines and emails to look out for.

Examples of subject lines

  • Invitation: Staff Meeting
  • Timecard not Submitted
  • Review Attachment
  • Password Verification
  • [Company name] Invoice


Examples of typical phishing emails


Examples of phishing emailsExamples of phishing emails


Phishing emails aim to convince users that the email is legitimate, often impersonating well-known organisations. Common tactics used by attackers include claiming their account is locked, the subscription is about to expire, or a security notice, as in the phishing example above. They can get past security defences and end up in employee inboxes. This is why GHM regularly highlight the importance of staff training.

The consequences of clicking a malicious email can be catastrophic for a business. As well as financial losses, there are damages to the business reputation. A few days ago, delivery service company Yodel had services disrupted by a cyber incident.

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GHM IT Support can assist with any aspect of cyber security. Contact us on 01865 367111 for further information.

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