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Myth Busting: Selecting a Managed Service Provider #1

Posted by: Jo Love
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Misconception 1 – Lengthy Downtime when Onboarding

GHM understand that selecting a Managed Service Provider is a decision not to be taken lightly. We will be the dedicated, virtual IT department, so both businesses must be on the same page from the offset. Here we discuss the most common misconceptions, starting with Onboarding.

Many business decision makers/IT Managers assume there will be a lengthy downtime when switching to a Managed Service Provider, and business productivity will suffer. However, as an active partner, GHM will ensure a smooth transition, keeping downtime to an absolute minimum.

Once the onboarding process has begun, we’ll keep the business in the loop with any password changes, ensure all data is backed up in advance and advise of any weaknesses or vulnerabilities within the existing IT infrastructure. We’ll also help navigate any questions during the transition period as both teams get to know each other.

In terms of the physical transition there really is minimal downtime as all planning is done and agreed in advance and a lot of testing can be done offline before a system goes live. Out of hours transitions are also available to avoid any busy working hours.

GHM has onboarded the IT Support of many businesses across Oxfordshire. For further information contact us on 01865 367111.

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